Riga Security Forum 2023: How European is European security?

Get ready for ten brand new Riga Security Forum 2023 podcast session episodes of political insights that will reshape your perspective! Our upcoming podcast series dives deep into discussions on crucial issues, insightful analyses, and thought-provoking debates. Stay tuned for a political journey you won't want to miss! #RSF2023

Dear friends, new friends!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Riga Security Forum website! With your support, we have managed to grow and improve, so for the fifth year in a row, we have the honor of developing the Forum platform, offering a wide range of discussions in which we look at different security dimensions that are important to us all!

Follow our news because the upcoming months promise to be dynamic, informative, and rich in various activities!

Sintija Broka, Head of the Riga Security Forum project, Researcher at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs

#RSF2023 Opening Conversation with President H.E. Edgars Rinkēvičs

We are pleased to continue a great tradition and host President of the Republic of Latvia H.E. Edgars Rinkēvičs for the opening Riga Security Forum 2023 conversation:  "Whose Rule-based Order and Security Vision are we Talking About?" Discussion moderator: Dr.  Edijs Bošs, Associate Researcher at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs.  

About the Riga Security Forum 

Riga Security Forum aims to gather key international policymakers, industry leaders, as well as military and civilian experts to discuss events, trends, opportunities, and challenges lying ahead for the international community. In various formats, we will discuss both "conventional" security dimension, including the question such as European security environment, transatlantic security, relations with Russia, and China's growing influence, as well as  2) "unconventional" security challenges, such as climate change, technological development, gender, information warfare, etc.

Every week, from October until December, we will provide you with a brand new podcast session in audio and video format, both in English and Latvian. Listen to our podcasts here, on our social media accounts, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast platforms.

We look forward to developing an excellent platform for exchanging ideas on security issues, promoting mutual understanding and dialogue between policymakers and implementers, think tanks, academics, and the wider public.

About the Latvian Institute of International Affairs

The aim of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) is to carry out scientific work and analytical research, as well as to provide expert opinions on Latvia’s challenges, development scenarios and strategies within the international and regional security, political, and economic system. LIIA informs the Latvian and international public about Latvia’s foreign policy trends and developments. The Institute conducts research, issues publications, and organizes lectures, seminars and conferences related to international policy issues, collaborating with Latvian and foreign partners on its projects. LIIA is Latvia’s oldest research center, and it is the country’s best known and most internationally recognized think tank specializing in international affairs.

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